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“The WhisperTrim has completely revolutionized my grooming routine. The cordless design offers superior flexibility, and the surprisingly quiet operation keeps my dogs calm. Not only does the battery charge quickly and lasts impressively long, but the kit also includes a variety of handy accessories, making grooming quicker and more efficient than ever.”

– Sarah W. Verified Buyer

Meet the WhisperTrim Pro, your ultimate solution for hassle-free pet grooming. Its whisper-quiet operation, sharp blades, and quick charging offer a stress-free, professional grooming experience at home. The WhisperTrim Pro not only keeps your pet looking great but also promotes their health through regular grooming. Embrace a loving, hands-on approach to pet care with WhisperTrim Pro – the perfect blend of convenience and care.

Regular grooming with the WhisperTrim Pro The Silent Pet Grooming Solution promotes a healthier coat and skin for your pet. It helps remove loose hair, dirt, and debris, preventing painful skin irritations and distributing natural oils throughout the coat for a healthier, shinier appearance. This contributes to the overall well-being of your pet.
The sharp stainless steel and ceramic blades cut through all types of pet fur effortlessly, while the ceramic layer provides a protective shield to prevent accidental cuts. This ensures a smooth and precise grooming session, making your pet look well-groomed and attractive, while also ensuring their safety.

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The clipper comes with multiple accessories and a user-friendly design, making it suitable even for beginners. It allows for safe and even trimming, resulting in a professional-looking groom every time. This boosts your confidence in grooming your pet at home and saves you the cost and time of professional grooming services.

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The WhisperTrim Pro operates at a whisper-quiet noise level, ensuring that your pet remains calm and stress-free during grooming sessions. This leads to a more relaxed and cooperative pet, making the grooming process quicker, easier, and more enjoyable for both you and your pet.
The quick charging time of this pet clipper ensures that you can groom your pet whenever needed without worrying about the battery life. Its long-lasting battery allows for extended use, reducing interruptions during grooming and providing the convenience of cordless operation, enhancing your pet grooming experience.
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These clippers are designed to groom all types of furry pets, from dogs and cats to rabbits and horses. Its power and precision make it suitable for all coat types and lengths. This provides a one-stop grooming solution for all your pets, ensuring they all look their best.
The high-capacity Li-ion battery ensures long-lasting use. This guarantees uninterrupted grooming sessions, enhancing the grooming efficiency and convenience.
The lightweight design of the WhisperTrim Pro and its convenient storage case make it ideal for travel. It allows you to maintain your pet’s grooming routine even on the go, ensuring your pet always looks well-groomed and presentable.


Step 1: Plug in the USB charger and allow the clipper to charge for 3 hours to insure that the battery is full.

Step 2: Choose and attach the appropriate guide comb to the clipper based on your pet’s fur length.

Step 3: Use the fine-tuning knob to adjust the blade length between 0.8mm to 2.0mm as needed.

Step 4: Turn on the clipper and start grooming from the neck towards the tail, going along the direction of hair growth.

Step 5: For sensitive areas like the face, paws, or rump, switch to the narrow blade for more precise trimming.

Step 6: After trimming, use the provided scissors for final touch-ups around ears or tail.

Step 7: Clean the clipper and attachments with the cleaning brush, detach the blade for a thorough rinse, and dry before reattaching.

Step 8: Safely store the clipper and its accessories in the provided storage case for future use.

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