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Experience the ultimate toastie maker, delivering perfectly crispy and mouthwatering toasted sandwiches. Elevate your toast game with our viral toastie press, designed for unbeatable results. Say goodbye to ordinary toast and hello to extraordinary flavors. Get yours now and become a toast-making pro!

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Crimped Edges

Designed to ensure that whatever yummy filling you choose to put in your toasty, stays in your toasty.

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Two-Tone Colour

It doesn’t just look good. It also makes it easier to keep track of which side you’ve been grilling.

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Handle Lock

The handles can be locked together for storage and to ensure you get a good seal on your toasty.

How Long Do I Toast For

We found we get the perfect toastie with 2 mintues either side on a low heat. Golden outside, gooey inside.

But everyone likes their toastie different! So feel free to play around to perfect your own!


The Toastie Press has a powerful, non-toxic, non-stick coating. So for general cleaning, or even if you get carried away with your fillings and they overflow, a quick wipe down will get it back to new, no scrubbing required!