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The Unseen Battle Dogs Endure with Stress and Separation AnxietyDogs are social animals that form strong bonds with their human caregivers. When left alone, some dogs can become distressed and anxious. Separation anxiety manifests through behaviors like excessive barking, destructive chewing, pacing, or attempting to escape.
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The Calming SolutionThe Pupsdream˝: donut dog bed was developed in cooperation with animal therapists to help your furry friend find comfort and relief from stress and anxiety.
Contains orthopedic filling that contours to your dog’s body, providing optimal comfort and alleviating pressure points.
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Say Goodbye To Joint Pain… and Hello to Security and Comfort.
Calming dog beds with raised edges or wraparound designs create a cozy den-like environment, offering your dog a sense of safety and comfort. This can be particularly beneficial for nervous or senior dogs.
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