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Soppycid is the first reusable water balloon in the world with the exclusive intention of the patent

*The reusable water balloon color randomly sent, may not be the same color as the picture

  • Reuse Over 1,000 Times: With advanced ReuseSiâ„¢, the water balloon can be reused more than 1,000 times during the summer splash. Don’t worry about the water balloons running out so quickly before you get fun from the summer water fight.
  • Leak-proof before the water fight starts: Due to the patented design of the self-sealing magnetic and silicone materials, the water balloon will remain leak-free immediately after refilling. Playing water fights becomes more fun with it.
  • Multiple plays, unlimited Fun: Soppycid’s water balloons can be used for outdoor activities in kindergarten, parent-child activities, travel beach toys, and pool water balloons. It’s fun to design your own water game with endless possibilities for endless entertainment.
  • Having fun without hurting: The water balloons are made of silicone, so they are soft. They will not hurt children when they are having fun.
  • Say no to broken water anywhere: In contrast to traditional disposable water balloons, Soppycid’s ReuseSiâ„¢ water balloons help you avoid the hassle of removing the pieces from the balloons and Maintaining a clean yar after the summer splash.