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Wave GOODBYE to split ends!

The Selento Trimmer Buddy showcases revolutionary technology designed to precisely trim and eliminate damaged hair tips, safeguarding the length and fullness of your locks, resulting in a perfect look.

Accurate and Secure!

Featuring precise blades and a user-friendly design, the Selento Trimmer Buddy empowers you to effortless.

Cut down on both time and expenses!

Say farewell to time-consuming and exhausting hair care routines as well as expensive trips to the salon. The Selento Trimmer Buddy revolutionizes hair maintenance, granting you precious time, enhanced energy, and valuable savings for the moments that truly matter.

How does it work?

  1. Untangle: Carefully brush and untangle your hair, making sure it is both clean and dry.
  2. Divide & Slide: Partition your hair into small sections and gradually slide the?Selento Trimmer Buddy through each section, effortlessly removing split ends.
  3. Delight: Appreciate your sleek and vibrant hair, now free from split ends, showcasing a healthy appearance.