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“I Wish I Used PuppyPad Sooner. No More Stress!”

  • Green Tick Leak & chew proof reusable pee pad
  • Green Tick Comfortable & Non-Toxic Green Tick
  • Ultra absorbent with anti-slip bottom.

Size Guide:

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All four layers of the PuppyPad work together to eliminate leakage and trap odors. Being soft like a cloud and distinctly patterned, your dog will naturally use it. We have expert trainers on hand to help if your dog does not use it.
The super-strong non-toxic materials makes it perfect for:

  • accidents
  • If you can’t take the dog out
  • If it’s raining
  • if you live in apartments
  • in crate
  • in beds
  • in the car
  • whelping
  • under food bowls and alot more!


Cute patterns and sizes mean there’s a PuppyPad for every puppper.

PuppyPads are one of the thickest and the most absorbent reusable pee pads available, unlike other companies that ship flimsy pee pads straight from china.

Perfect for incontinence. Holds up to 3 pees before you can easily throw it in the washer or use a hose.


Imagine for a second…

  • No more pee puddles staining your floors.
  • No need to replace pads every day
  • No need to buy new pads every month
  • Having a comfy surface your dog can rest on
  • Helping the planet & other dogs in danger with every order

This is what 10,000 dog owners have experienced after trying PuppyPad and you can too