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Turn your gray hairs back into their original colors with ManeBar. Our science backed formula stimulates melanocytes (cells which determine color vibrancy) in your follicles to return individual hair strands from gray to their original color all over your head and beard.

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Get Rid of Your Gray Hair with an Amazing Solution!

Do you have gray hairs on your head or beard? Have you noticed them more in the mirror? Well, guess what? There’s a special way to make all those gray hairs go away and bring back their original, beautiful color!

No need for expensive hair dye or treatments that can harm your hair. Those only cover up the gray temporarily.

Instead, try the ManeBar. It’s a special shampoo that uses science to make your hair color come back. It works by stimulating the cells deep in your roots that make color.

Get Breakthrough Results In Just A Few Weeks

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1-2 Days Your scalp is healthier and hair is noticeably more vibrant as ingredients like Bamboo Charcoal remove toxins and impurities from follicles and pigmentation returns.

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1 Week

Grey hairs continue to turn to their natural pigment as melanin production increases in cells.

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Your hair is smoother, vibrant, and your full natural color as full pigment production is reached and creates long-lasting effects.

Why Your Hair Turns Gray

A perfect head of hair can turn gray due to many things:

• Aging
• Premature Graying
• Stress

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Here’s how it happens:

1. Pigment cells in your hair called melanocytes decrease production with age, resulting in color leaving your hair

2. Stress releases the chemical NE into the follicle which rapidly kills melanocytes, ending pigment production

Protecting melanocytes and stimulating them to rapidly increase your pigment production can overcome both bad genetics and extreme daily stress.

Proven Results

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For Your Hair

No dyes needed. Apply in your normal shower routine to turn each individual hair back to its natural color.

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For Your Beard

Get the beard color you want without expensive treatments. Stimulate pigment cells and fix your gray patches.

For Your Eyebrows

Fix every hair including your eyebrows. Gray Reverse Shampoo Bar works in weeks to get every hair on your head naturally vibrant and back in color.