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Let the fun, tongue lickin’ cold-blooded war begin with this tic tac tongue board game!

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This hilarious tic tac tongue game provides the right amount of endless fun, boost of skills, and a touch of silliness. Featuring 10 red insect game cards, 10 double-sided scorer/target cards, 2 washable mouthpieces, and 2 chameleon masks. It starts when the game card is revealed, then both players will search for the correct target card, and race to knock it down. No worries as both the goofy, chameleon masks can unfurl an incredibly long tongue that will sure to ‘attack’ your selected prey. Moreover, the chameleon with the most bugs points ‘catches’ the fastest wins the friendly cold-blooded war!

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The chameleon tongue game is enjoyable for all age ranges, including children, teenagers, and adults. Perfect for having a fun, head-to-head battle and bonding with your family, friends, coworkers, classmates, partners, and so on. This exhilarating chameleon game is not only for fun, but it also serves as a great educational and motor skill booster. It can improve your kid’s speed, precision, hand-eye coordination, and concentration. What’s more? This interactive game can be brought anytime, anywhere for the best indoor or outdoor fun experience. Suitable on vacation, picnics, get togethers, family night, sleepovers, outings, family day, and such.

Step up your game night to the best funtastic level using this tic tac tongue board game!


  • Fun Cold-Blooded Competition
    A unique family-friendly game that promotes the perfect combination of endless fun, motor skills, and a touch of silliness! The mask extended an incredibly long tongue once blown just like a real chameleon which is perfect for knocking down the upright cards. This game starts when a game card has been drawn and the two players need to race in knocking down the correct insect card (scorer/target card). The chameleon with the most bugs points total ‘catches’ the fastest crowned the winner of the cold-blooded war. Making it an enjoyable head-to-head skill match that would surely turn your boring game night into a thrilling, unforgettable scene.

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  • Best Interactive Game Toy
    This goofy chameleon game works well with a variety of ages which makes it an excellent fun escape to engage with. Perfect for battling it out with family, friends, colleagues, classmates, relatives, partner, and loved ones. The tic tac tongue can also promote a healthy parent-child bonding time and even helps kids to establish a stronger friendship with their fellow player. Additionally, it also allows your youngster’s to boost their interaction skills and keep them off from too much screen time.

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  • Educational and Developmental
    The tic tac chameleon tongue is not only all fun and games, but it also has a nice educational boost. It lets kids encourage their essential skills in math at an early age by counting out the total numbers from the scorer cards. This game even practices and enhances motor skills, including speed and precision when catching off the insects using the mask’s chameleon tongue. Additionally, it also improves hand-eye coordination as well as concentration ability by analyzing techniques and waiting for cues.
  • Portable Design
    This whimsy chameleon match game is packaged in a handy box where you can carry all included items with great ease. You can bring it anytime, anywhere for an enjoyable game entertainment experience. Suitable when you’re out on vacation, picnics, get togethers, family night, sleepovers, outings, family day, and more possibilities.

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  • Premium Quality
    Made of high-quality, non-toxic plastic materials that adopts exceptional durability and long-lasting performance. It can handle daily wear and tear without easily bending, breaking, and other damages. This tic tac tongue game toy does not contain any sharp edges or surfaces and all included items are also BPA-free. It can be confidently played by kids and adults while ensuring overall safety and health.

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  • Ages: 4+


  • 1 Box of Lizard Game Tictac Tongue: included  10 red game cards, 10 double-sided scorer/target cards, 2 washable mouthpieces, and 2 funny chameleon-like masks