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Has your little one (or you!?) ever struggled with keeping track of daily chores or tasks?

This personalized routine checklist helps everyone (from 3 year old to over 100 years old!) keep track of daily tasks in a fun and interactive way!

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By just sliding a button, a red cross mark disappears and there will be a satisfying green checkmark for each completed task. It will make it easier and less hassle for everyone (both kids and their parents) to keep track of the chores/routine and also inform you which tasks require some attention.


Product features:

  • 8 task slots– keep track of up to 8 tasks!
  • Magnetic– The chart attaches to the refrigerator or most of magnetic surfaces. There is also a screw hole on the back of the sheet to hang on the wall.
  • dry-erase sheet– you can erase and rewrite tasks as needed.
  • personalized– the name (or word) of your choice will be 3D-printed on the top of the chart.

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One fine-tip dry-erase marker (black)