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Eliminate agonizing neck & back pain at home

Years of hard work, prolonged sitting, & bad posture apply damaging tension to your vertebrae. This causes your spinal discs to squeeze out of place & put pressure on your nerves, leading to that sharp pain in your neck, lower back, and down your leg/s. Lying down on Refresh for just 10 minutes a day, progressively solves the root cause of your discomfort by gently stretching your back & decompressing your vertebrae – allowing bulging or herniated discs to retract & repair. H780382efd22543c08c520e6e78b4636dR This takes damaging tension off your spinal nerves, leaving you with a healthy, pain-free back & a smile on your face. Forever. It can be used on the floor, bed, or chair


Inversion tables are expensive, and unsuitable for over 38% of people, while chiropractor bills stack up quickly, and – as soon as you stop going – the pain returns.

Refresh uses lumbar traction to loosen up your back at an optimal 26° angle, giving your tense vertebrae a well-needed break to relax, repair, & release all the damaging pressure built-up over the years from your inflamed nerves.

Naturally decompressing your spine with the Refresh stretcher for at least 6-8 days permanently rehabilitates damaged spinal structures & muscles, alleviates pain, & fully restores your mobility.

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Prevent further injuries & correct posture

Refresh naturally restores the optimal curvature of your spine, & retrains your muscles to maintain a healthy posture for good, thus removing the stress from the vital areas of your torso.

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Better sleep, less stress.

Designed to ease stiffness & release muscular tension, Refresh uses cleverly shaped acupressure ridges to repair & massage away back strains & sprains.


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Soothing multiple types of pain

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