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Forget Boring Board Games. It’s Time For TetraTower!


Game description


No matter what games you normally play, TetraTower- is a game changer. This colorful and engaging game can engage both children and adults with its cleverly designed blocks.


Each Stack a New Challenge

The TetraTower- is made up of 16 individual 3D blocks. The unique shapes and sizes of the blocks make stacking an exciting challenge. No more repetitive gameplay – every stack you make is a new experience.


Boosts Coordination and Cognitive Skills

TetraTower- is both a game and a mental exercise. The unique gameplay helps to enhance concentration, patience, and hand-eye coordination. For children, this means improved motor skills and learning experience. For adults, it’s a fun way to stimulate the brain and keep those cognitive skills sharp.


Not Just for Kids

While the TetraTower- is a fantastic learning and development toy for children, it’s equally enjoyable for adults. It can be a fun party game, a challenge among friends, or even an intriguing decoration for your living room. TetraTower- can fit into any social setting or evente2216a7e9b73f5cb0279351c78ce61c33475cea7e2216a7e9b73f5cb0279351c78ce61c33475cea7bfb6967975b83d424877d0fc7a0d98eafad774dfe2216a7e9b73f5cb0279351c78ce61c33475cea7


Fun balance toy are made of E-co friendly ABS material, non-toxic ,tasteless, wear-resistant & drop-resistant, not afraid of children chewing, play at ease. The surface of the balance blocks is smooth & burr-free,moderate size , more comfortable to hold.



Material: ABS Plastic

Weight: 150 g

Suitable: 5+ years old


Package:1 * Tower Game


Additional information
Block Count

16 Blocks, 32 Blocks (Most Popular), 48 Blocks, 64 Blocks