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Item sizes are true to the size chart. Refer to the size chart to find your size.If you’re between sizes, we recommend the larger option for a better fit.Nylon Ice Silk Breathable Mens Underwear Size 1Why choose a Ice Silk Breathable Men’s Underwear?

Seamless butt-lifting: Memory latex padding (≈1.5CM) providing natural-looking volume and buttock enhancement. Its high elasticity keeps you comfortable and enhances your curves, ensuring an instant perkiness that will make you the star of any room.



Specially designed 4D U-Pouch that separates the testicles from the thighs, and to prevent uncomfortable sticking or chafing. Maximum natural support & comfort. 5125531ad4ed37f162a85ce39ffd8590a4654a63

Scientific research shows that the ideal temperature of the testis is around 95℉
Improper choice of underwear can easily cause stuffy heat and itching, coupled with strong perspiration in the private parts of boys, it will not only kill “little tadpoles”, but also cause various male diseases


Honeycomb Breathable Mesh: Made of top-quality ice silk –360°C cycle

Breathable, say goodbye to stuffy heat! Keep you fresh & dry at all times!



Occasions– It can be everyday underwear, also perfect for valentine’s day, anniversaries, date nights, wedding nights, honeymoon nights, self pleasure, nightclub.



How can I wash my Underwear?

To keep your new underwear in the best possible condition – we recommend using a hand wash in cold water. But if you prefer machine washing, please carefully place your new underwear in a zippered lingerie laundry bag and place it in a 86°F wash on a delicate setting. Never bleach, iron, or place your underwear in a dryer.

What kind of underwear is The Acutefebruary Underwear?

The Acutefebruary Underwear is one-of-a-kind! Acutefebruary Underwear is the best of a push-up, a bralette, and a sports underwear combined. We rejected all other “normal” categories of underwear – because they all had unique problems that we wanted to solve with Acutefebruary Underwear. There’s no other underwear-like Acutefebruary Underwear.

What is Acutefebruary Underwear made of?

Fabric composition: Nylon 85% spandex 15%
Bottom crotch composition: cotton 94% spandex 6%