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Harness the Hydro-Hero Within to Safeguard Your Home from Infiltrating Waters!

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Unlock the Power of Liquid Fortress InstaRepair !

Experience the ultimate defense against leaks with our revolutionary anti-leakage sealant. Crafted with a rapid-drying, waterproof formula, it effortlessly rebuffs liquid intrusion. Its exceptional bonding capabilities provide instant repairs and flawlessly fill holes, gaps, cracks, and any fractured surfaces.

Everlasting Defense Introducing InstaRepair , your One-Time Solution!

Our innovative formula provides an invisible sealing finish, seamlessly blending with any surface without compromising its aesthetic appeal. It’s like a hidden guardian, silently fortifying your surroundings while maintaining their pristine appearance.

Unlock the Power of Instant Water-Tight Magic!

Embrace a worry-free existence as Instarepair banishes drips and banishes wet patches, especially during the tempestuous rainy seasons. Let your home bask in the glory of absolute water-tight triumph, courtesy of Instarepair unmatched prowess.

Unyielding Against Nature’s Fury InstaGuard All-Season Hero!

Behold the remarkable power of Instarepair , the leak-trapping agent that defies the elements. Its exceptional temperature resistance is a force to be reckoned with, as it fearlessly endures scorching UV rays and the searing heat of summer, refusing to sag or melt under pressure.

Unleash Enduring Defenses Instarepair – The Guardian of Eternal Protection!

Prepare to be awestruck by Instarepair , the mighty titan of anti-leakage sealing. Its remarkable power lies in its effortless and swift application, granting you an instant and enduring solution. Say goodbye to weakened barriers and messy, bubbling mishaps, for Instarepair strength remains unwavering even after a year of continuous safeguarding.

Translucent Perfection InstaRepair – The Artistry of Invisible Restoration

Embrace the magic of InstaRepair , the wondrous agent that unlocks translucent perfection. With its mystical touch, it bestows a flawless, invisible sealing finish, leaving surfaces cleaner than ever before. Say goodbye to compromised aesthetics, as InstaRepair effortlessly repairs and waterproofs various seepage projects without sacrificing their aesthetic allure.

Effortless Mastery InstaRepair FlexiSeal – The Seamless Solution!

Prepare to be captivated by the ease of InstaRepair FlexiSeal, the invisible repair agent that embraces flexibility and grace. With its smooth maneuverability, it offers a mess-free application, effortlessly coating any surface with precision. Simply cleanse the area, and with the gentle stroke of a brush, apply the product directly to the damaged site for a seamless repair and fill.


Weight: 30g


1 x Instarepair Waterproof Anti-Leakage Agent