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Magnify your sexiness with an irresistible scent

The Aphrodite’s Phero Perfume makes you smell sexier & more attractive to the opposite sex. It brings out & strengthens your “natural scent”giving you the attention you deserve

  • Helps you feel more confident & charming


Thousands are loving this pheromone perfume

This pheromone perfume is an absolute game changer, helping ladies & guys feel more confident & attractive. Aside from the aromatic scent, girls are noticing “more attention from partners/guys” after use.

  • Portable & easy to apply for any occasion

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How it works

The Aphrodite’s Phero Perfume uses natural & premium quality essential oils infused with pheromones to increase your attractiveness.

  • Skin-friendly & safe | featuring a light scent that works best when worn under your favorite fragrance.
  • Ingredients: Ethanol, water, essence,CL 16255

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