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Neck And Back Relief With Warm Soothing Technology.

Melt away tiredeness, tension and knots with the RelieveX Deep Tissue Massager. Its hand-shaped design allows for a wider reach compared to most neck massagers. The added heating technology helps you soothe neck strains, faster and more effective.

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Deep Tissue Massage To Unlock The Knots.

Find revival and energy faster with the hand-shaped massager to soothe strains faster, reduce neck pain, melt away soreness and tiredness. The RelieveX Deep Tissue Massager has a unique design for full-coverage, hands-free stimulation.

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Hands-Off Relief.
De-Stress While Staying In Control Of Your Duties.

The RelieveX Deep Tissue Massager relieves stress and tension from everyday activities with its hands-free massage technique.

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