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Elevate your aiming experience with the Dauos Bullseye – the ultimate tool for achieving unparalleled precision in your optical alignment.Upgrade your aiming game today with the Dauos Bullseye – Precision Beyond Boundaries. Your targets won’t know what hit them.

4 main 1 set adjustable adapters rifles red laser bore sighter collimator kit with box carry laser sight for 22 to 50 caliber rifies

Introducing The Dauos Bullseye

In the pursuit of absolute precision and accuracy, the Dauos Bullseye stands as your unwavering companion. This remarkable tool not only elevates your optical alignment but also ensures that you maintain extreme precision with unwavering consistency. The Dauos Bullseye is the only sighting tool you’ll ever need. Just set your crosshairs on the red dot and zero in. It’s simple, accurate, and cost-effective—no ammo required.

Why Choose The Dauos Bullseye?

  • Universal Precision: No more second-guessing your alignment. Whether you’re a seasoned enthusiast or an aspiring marksman, the Dauos Bullseye ensures your optics are perfectly aligned for consistent accuracy.
  • Safety and Peace of Mind: With the Dauos Bullseye, there’s no need for live rounds during setup. Its extended barrel attachment guarantees a secure fit, prioritizing your safety at all times.
  • Convenient Sighting: Save time and resources by bringing the range to your doorstep. Sight your scopes from the comfort of your home, adapting to your schedule and eliminating travel hassles.
  • Laser-Guided Excellence: Experience precision like never before. The emitted laser beam acts as your guiding light, allowing you to fine-tune your optics with confidence and achieve remarkable accuracy.
  • Effortless Efficiency: In a matter of seconds, the Dauos Bullseye provides the accuracy equivalent to hours spent on the range. Its rapid and ammo-free alternative redefines efficiency.


How To Install Your Dauos Bullseye

1. Power Up:

Begin by inserting the battery into your Dauos Bullseye. Ensure it’s securely in place to activate the device.

2. Adapter Selection:

Next, carefully select the appropriate adapter from your kit. Tighten the screw to expand the adapter, ensuring a snug fit onto your gun barrel.

3. Precise Insertion:

Gently insert the Dauos Bullseye with the attached adapter into your equipment.

4. Secure Contact:

Position the adapter’s edge to create a stable contact point with the barrel. This ensures that your Dauos Bullseye remains secure during operation.

5. Activate with Precision:

Now, press the switch button, and watch as a vibrant red beam emerges, guiding you with precision.