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Carry your crystals with you everywhere

This sleek mesh holder keeps your precious gems secure and accessible, allowing you to embrace their energy wherever you wander. Change your crystals every day depending on your mood.

  • Amethyst: Power, Protection, Wisdom
  • Citrine: Joy, Success, Self-confidence
  • Tiger Eye: Power, Courage, Protection
  • Rose Quartz: Kindness, Unconditional Love
  • Emerald: Loyalty, Serenity, Harmony
  • Sapphire: Clarity, Truth, Confidence
  • Carnelian: Confidence, Love, Vitality
  • Clear Quartz: Balance, New Beginnings
  • Black Onyx: Strength, Energy, Protection


  • Made to order especially for you
  • Nickel-free and Hypoallergenic
  • Material: Titanium Steel/Titanium Steel with 18k Gold Plated
  • Length of Chain:
    • S: 17.71”+1.96”Extender (45cm+5cm Extender)
    • M: 23.62”+1.96” Extender (60cm+5cm Extender)
  • Length of Holder:
    • S: 1.57”(Fits crystals 0.78” wide x 0.98” tall)
    • M: 1.96” (Fits crystals 0.98” wide x 1.37” tall)
  • Weight:
    • S: Chain:7.3g; Crystal:10-15g
    • M: Chain:12g; Crystal:20-35g

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