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The comfiest lounge staple set. A fitted round neck T-shirt paired with stretchy casual pants, which is super flattering!

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Cotton Lounge Set Size

This 2 piece sets made with high-quality elastic fabric, which is super soft to the touch and gentle to the skin, so it will maximize your comfort. The breathable fabric will keep you from feeling stuffy all day.

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A form-fitting, ultra-flattering pure tee that is perfect for everyday wear. Made of cool, comfortable stretch-cotton, this will be your new loungewear staple.

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Your new go-to lounge pants! These soft and stretchy Cotton Jersey pants have a ’00s-inspired fold over waistband with an ultra-feminine ruched detail. Lightweight and ultra-sexy.

Fold over waist band that can be adjusted to be low-rise or mid-rise to create a ruched look, and show charming curves at the same time.

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The set with premium elastic fabric, excellent stretch. It allows for freedom of movement while maintaining a stylish and form-fitting look.

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Best of all, it fits any body shapes, so whether you’re plus-size or slim, you’ll feel comfortable and confident.


This sets are great for an everyday active lifestyle like yoga, walking, running, cycling etc. Just imagine, on a nice weekend, when you go running in this sets, you will look youthful and vigorous!

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Material: 90% Cotton / 10% Spandex.

Wasp Tips: Machine Wash Cold, Do Not Bleach, Tumble Dry Low, Cool Iron, Do Not Dry Clean.