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If you’re looking for an easy and effective way to improve the look of your teeth, then the Caytive V34 Purple Whitening Toothpaste is perfect for you! Using advanced color correction technology, it helps brighten teeth and remove any unwanted stains quickly and easily.

No More Yellow. We’ve Cancelled Stains!


Purple is directly opposite yellow on the color wheel and is therefore its complementary color, so a water-soluble purple dye is applied to your teeth to cancel out any yellow undertones.

Applying purple onto your teeth will neutralize the yellow undertones and cancel them, revealing a perceptively brighter shade of white. Pretty cool right


V34 works to brighten teeth by utilizing color correcting technology. By counter-balancing the different hues in your teeth, V34 conceals stains and improves brightness.

  • Utilises colour correcting technology
  • Non-invasive brightening treatment
  • Highest concentration of V34 in our range


Plus, it’s gentle on your teeth so you can use it with confidence every day. So why wait? Order your V34 Purple Whitening Toothpaste today!

Incorporate To Your Daily Routine Effortlessly!S9d8ff29ea49341049f031a31b40e9858i


  • Usage: 1-3 times a day
  • Size: 30ml | 1 fl oz
  • Recommend for ages 12 and up
  • Safe to use with veneers, caps, implants, bridges and/or bonded teeth