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Never Loose Your Lighter Again with lighter leash from?zippy!

Do you know this situation: You are looking for your lighter and you just can’t find it… Most likely someone stole your lighter or you just lost it. Now you are stressed out even more and you’re thinking what to do about it Either you go to your next store and spend unnecessary money for a new lighter or you find and ask a stranger for a lighter.

This will never happen again with zippy!

Your lighter will always be protected from being lost or stolen and is always ready to be used.?

The big zippy fits perfectly onto regular BIC lighters and most other common sized lighers.

  • Clip zippy onto your belt loop, purse or bag pack
  • Big zippy fits perfectly onto regular BIC or other standard sized lighters
  • Size 55x26x8mm
  • Retractable cord: ?23″
  • Color: black
  • Amount: 1