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Relieve Anxiety in Style!
The Greenic Anxiety Rings are designed for stress relief! Hand-crafted from stainless-steel, and plated with pure 14k Gold

anxiety ring

Instead of scratching your skin or biting your nails, our anxiety rings help you fidget harmlessly! Relieve anxiety through the ring’s satisfyingly smooth spin

anxiety ring

Plated in 14k Gold

Hand-Crafted from Stainless Steel, and plated in pure 14k Gold! It will never tarnish!

galaxy anxiety ring 1

Relieve Anxiety & Stress

Fidget with your ring instead of picking at your nails or skin!

anxiety ring 2

Fully Adjustable Sizing

No need to worry about your ring size! Our rings are 100% adjustable, made to fit all ring sizes

Does it help relieve anxiety?

The Greenic Anxiety Rings are designed specifically for fidgeting, which has been shown in various studies to help reduce anxiety