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The 2023 New Version Ionic Shaping Sleeveless Shirt generates energy without the need for other energy sources (e.g. electricity). 2023 New Version Ionic Shaping Sleeveless Shirt provide the user with multidimensional massage and stimulation based on ion therapy, far infrared therapy and moxa therapy. They help to effectively stimulate blood and lymph circulation, relieve lymphedema and inflammation, and reduce fluid retention and cellulite.

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Even if you don’t exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet, our 2023 New Version Ionic Shaping Sleeveless Shirt can help you achieve your weight loss goals. 80% far infrared therapy can help you reach your ideal weight. This vest stimulates the metabolism and stimulates the lymphatic system to detoxify the body and eliminate accumulated cellulite and edema. Bakelite fat burning fabrics provide efficient fat metabolism, so you burn fat while you sleep, work or play sports and get a perfectly shaped body overnight! 3 5b683fa8 81c7 4d73 8c1b a9685b7ed0d7

TheEXPECTSKY Ionic Shape Vestfeatures innovative technology with embedded graphene fibers. These fibers promote cell regeneration and improve nerve function, resulting in improved back health and posture. In addition, the vest contains millions of magnetic nanoparticles that create a static magnetic field that further promotes blood circulation and muscle relaxation. The effectiveness of the static magnetic field is further enhanced by the use of wormwood. By combining these two technologies, theEXPECTSKY Ionic Shape Vesthas the combined effect of improving back health and posture.